Vision and Mission:
TECField’s mission is to develop concepts that provide more value to our customers. With them we promote loyalty, dedication and appreciation. We have always a high performance, coherent and consistent in our business.

Principles and Values:
The route of TECField, while firm, is founded on combining the interests of its customers, employees and shareholders, as well as respect for a just and humane society.
We guarantee our customers the highest competence and to act transparently and fairly.
Before our employees, we provide a fair consideration of the value of their work and their dedication.
With regard to shareholders, the company assigns the appropriate return on their investment.

Our difference:
We continue to believe in social and human capital: we meet the emerging needs and anticipate solutions. For this, we built a team with diverse skills, with extensive experience and knowledge of different sectors of public, private and social activity. We harmonize our skills and produce a difference.