Conscious of the impact our activities can have on the society and community, we believe that interiorising the concept of sustainable development is essential to the Company competitiveness in the market of the future and so that it can, at the same time, assure the needs of current generations without limiting the needs of future generations. This attitude is patent in the way we have positioned ourselves in the local communities through, specifically, the development of partnerships and activities which are aimed at strengthening relationships, in adopting an integrated policy of Quality, Environment and Safety, in the policy of investment, qualifying and training our human resources, and in the way we operate and carry out our business activities.

We are committed to supporting the implementation of the principles of sustainable development as an active part of the solution, by helping to promote a fair and more balanced development in all aspects of economic growth, environmental protection and social well-being. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a decisive importance. At TECField it is transversal throughout the company and is part of the governing strategy, being placed into practice in the relationship with the different interested parties.

TECField Sponsoring Program:

  • ARTECH 2017 Conference
  • ARTECH 2015 “Creating Digital e-Motions” Conference
  • ARTECH 2010 “Envisioning Digital Spaces” Conference
  • SLACTIONS 2009 Conference
  • ICIDS 2009 Conference